AGL Fast-Trac 72

About the AGL Fast-Trac 72

The AGL Fast-Trac 72 laminator combines the speed and capacity to deliver maximum productivity, reliability and return on investment. For those companies wanting to laminate 600-to-1250-foot rolls of printed vinyl with a cast overlaminate, this machine will deliver the results you are looking for. This large capacity feature along with AGL’s proprietary nip roll design and the industries best heating and nip pressure design, this laminator solves the problems associated with poor laminate adhesion and silvering. This machine can be webbed and operated with a single operator for those companies having a hard time finding additional labor for their finishing departments.
      • Pneumatic control for nip, unwind and rewind pressures for repeatable setup from job to job
      • Two laminating modes for sheet fed and roll-to-roll applications
      • Machine speeds of 3 – 100 fpm
      • Rugged 10-inch diameter nip roll with steel wall construction
      • Ergonomic control panel
      • In-Line rotary output trimming knives
      • Dual light end of roll sensor system
      • Four emergency palm stops and two-foot activated e-stops
      • Light curtain safety system
      • Static elimination system

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