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Side Frame Integrity Icon

Side Frame Integrity

The side frame configuration of a piece of laminating equipment is the foundation for the overall performance and longevity of the machine. The side frame rigidity is integral to the overall integrity of any laminator design.

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Nip Roll Design

The nip roller assemblies are the most important components in any piece of lamination equipment. The overall construction and integrity of the nip rolls will determine the type of lamination output from any given laminator. In order to provide good adhesion, flatness and finish to any material of a laminators output you must start with steel nip rollers. 

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Air Cylinders Icon

Air Cylinders

AGL has elected to utilize air cylinders in all of their laminators to open and close their nip roller and pull roller assemblies. Utilizing air cylinders greatly increases the safety factor of the machine as well as allows for repeatable setup and processing for laminating.

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Tension Control Icon

Tension Control

Tension control and more importantly “repeatable” tension control, is one of the most overlooked and under emphasized areas of the lamination process control. Improper tension control can be the primary cause of product failure during the lamination process.
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Laminator Configuration Icon

Laminator Configuration

AGL specializes in getting a clear understanding of what lamination and production needs are required for a given customer. This allows us to design a machine configured to satisfy the manufacturing needs of the customer.
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Heat vs No Heat Icon

Heat vs No Heat

Establishing if your laminator requires heated rollers is the first decision that a company should make. In order to determine if your machine requires heat will depend upon the type of adhesive you intend to process through the laminator.
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Material Waste Icon

Material Waste

One of the key expenses that people overlook while budgeting for a new laminator is how much cost will go into operating the machine. The most expensive factor in purchasing a laminator is not the initial purchase price, but rather how much material it takes to get your customer's project completed.
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Technical Support Icon

Technical Support

One of the most noted characteristics of the AGL product line is its reliability. AGL achieves its reliability by incorporating dependable and redundantly designed electrical and mechanical components in all the laminators that they manufacture.
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