Quality from a name you have
trusted for over 65 years, AGL Inc.

AGL, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of standard and custom laminators for the Industrial and Wide Format Digital Imaging markets.

We have the knowledge and years of experience that allows our engineers the ability to sit down with a customer and create a custom laminator design for the unique task at hand.

The History of AGL

AGL is an acronym for Advanced Greig Laminators named after the founder of the company Robert L. Greig in the early 1950’s. Bob Greig created and introduced the very first sheet fed laminator to the industrial market in the early 1950's. Since that time, customers have come to recognize that the Greig name represents quality, reliability and performance.

In 1995 AGL was incorporated for the express purpose of continuing the Greig legacy of laminators to other markets such as the wide format graphics, sign and custom built machines for any industry. The original design and engineering principles have remained the foundation of our machines that we build today with the addition of advancements in technologies and techniques. AGL’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is based in Deforest, Wisconsin where they have been producing high performance laminators since 1999.