Considerations When Selecting Over-Laminates


We recommend you start off by deciding if you want to work with hot or cold adhesives, and test to make sure the adhesive is compatible with the surface your bonding to ( i.e. printed surface). Over-laminate adhesives come in basically three types or categories of adhesive. The first type, thermal adhesives or “heat activated” which require heat to activate the adhesive. Please note, you will often see heat activated adhesives are broken down into two separate categories “ standard” and “low melt”, referring to the degree of temperature necessary to activate the adhesive. The second type, pressure sensitive adhesives, are commonly referred to as simply “pressure sensitive” or cold adhesives. These adhesives will include a release liner and require only pressure to initiate their bond to a printed image. And finally, there is heat assist which is commonly referred to as “heat-set”. This type of adhesive closely resembles pressure sensitive, by including a release liner, however it does require heat to activate the adhesive.


Next look at the type of film and its thickness that will work best for the product you're creating. Remember that polyester films are rigid, vinyl films are typically softer and more flexible


Finally, start to think about the type of finish which will work best for the product you're creating (i.e. gloss or mat). Over-laminates are offered in an endless array of finishes from gloss, matte, luster, and also different textures. Selection should be based on visual esthetics and lighting conditions to ensure a balance of “optimal viewing” of the displayed image. Keep in mind that ambient light affects the readability or viewing of the final product you're creating.


Over-laminate films can consist of many different types of film, such as polyester, vinyl, or polycarbonate. Each of these materials has very different performance characteristics and costs. Selection of film type should always be based on a comprehensive understanding of the customer's application demands.

AGL's Cover-Rite over-laminates include a wide array of finishes, film types, and adhesive systems to insure maximum bond capabilities. No matter what your application demands, make sure you Cover-Rite.