AGL 48

About the AGL 48

The AGL 48 laminator is the latest innovative design for a new custom laminator for one of AGL’s industrial customers. This laminator was specifically configured to accommodate a fusion between two materials in a roll to roll function. The materials are aligned utilizing an Accuweb wide array ultrasonic Electronic Web Guide Control System. Other unique features of this laminator include a low tension feedback system via a dancer controlled feedback to the product unwind developing web tensions in the range of .1 pound per linear inch of tension. This prevents the distortion of a very valuable and sensitive product into the laminating nip rollers.

  • 2 unwind supply shafts with safety chucks (optional air shafts available)
  • Release liner windup station
  • Finished product rewind station
  • 10 inch diameter internally heated chrome plated top nip roll
  • 10 inch diameter hard durometer silicon rubber covered bottom nip roll
  • Transducer tension control system feedback for product wind-up
  • AGL’s filtered forced air top and bottom cooling system
  • Variable Speed Control 2 to 30 fpm
  • Linear footage counter/digital speed readout

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