AGL 80

About the AGL 80

The AGL 80 processes two webs of polyester film and combining them into a single roll of material for high temperature/electronic film applications. These materials are aligned via an Accuweb electronic web guide control system. Each film has a release liner that is pulled off the film and wound up prior to the laminating points. One of the films is conveyed up and over a walk through inspection/splicing station prior to the lamination point. A set of pull rolls then pulls the laminated web through two precision edge trimming shear cut slitters prior to being wound up.

  • Automatic closed loop tension control for both unwind stations
  • Two release liner windup stations
  • Two Accuweb shifting base electronic web guides with +/- 2 inches of correction
  • Machine speeds of 3 – 100 fpm
  • Roll diameter sensing and taper tension control for rewinds
  • Dual zone internal heat settings for both nip rolls
  • Nip roll activation and pressure settings
  • Safety chucks on all unwind/rewind stations
  • Pull roll activation and pressure settings
  • Light curtain safety system
  • Six and three inch lug type airshafts
  • Walk through inspection/splicing station
  • Three ionizing static elimination assemblies

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