AGL 36 Premask

About the AGL 36 Premask

The AGL 36 inch laminator for the premask industry has an 18.0 inch premask unwind that features safety chucks and air shaft. This machine incorporates an integral motorized infeed conveyor system with start/stop sensing. This allows for a sheet product to be fed into the machine, laminate it, and position it for automatic cutoff. The sheet length is adjustable via PLC inputs. A sheet cleaner automatically cleans the top surface of the sheet prior to lamination. This machine features 0 – 150 fpm maximum machine speeds as well as emergency stop switches at all four corners of the machine. Two 4.5 inch nip rolls covered with 55-65 / 65-75 durometer silicone rubber that provides up to 40 pli of adjustable nip pressure.

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