About the AGL 64T

The AGL 64T  Industrial Glass Laminator is a multiple shift laminator that combines the speed and capacity to deliver maximum productivity, reliability and return on investment. This machine was designed to clean glass panels prior to over-laminating them. It features a six inch diameter 50 durometer hypalon rubber top nip roll along with a 80 durometer bottom nip roll assembly, concentrically ground. The top nip roll is equipped with internal electric heat and controls for ambient to 320° F. This laminator is also equipped with a glass driven cleaning station that cleans the glass automatically prior to the laminating process.
  • One cantilevered unwind supply shaft station
  • One cantilevered release liner windup station
  • One driven glass cleaning station with disposable adhesive roll
  • Auto grip core chucks
  • Upper unwind slitter assembly
  • Digital speed read-out
  • Pneumatically controlled film tensioning system
  • Variable Speed Control 1 to 15 fpm
  • Pulsed static elimination bar

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