AGL 54

About the AGL 54

The AGL 54 inch glass laminator is designed for the glass panel industry which includes refrigerator doors, anti-fog applications as well as various solar industry applications. This is a heavy duty laminator designed specifically for these high production facilities. This machine features a 54 inch roll face Hypalon covered laminating bottom nip roll with a complimenting chrome plated top nip roll both of which are equipped with internal electric heat and controls for ambient to 320° F. The product unwind and rewind assemblies feature airshaft assemblies with automatic transducer tension control. The film unwind stations feature cantilevered loading and unloading shafts. Safety features include a nip protection circuit prior to the nip, as well as emergency stop switches at all four corners of the machine. Incorporated into this laminator is a proprietary floating infeed system to prevent scratching the glass panels. This machine features 3-30 fpm operating machine speeds.

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