About the AGL 80 HST

The AGL 80” HST Vinyl Applicator is a heavy duty, multi-lane decorative vinyl laminating machine designed for the wide format signage industry. All supply stations feature cantilevered loading and unloading for ease of loading materials.

This machine features 10” diameter nip roll assemblies with internal electronic heat to the top roll, manually adjusted pneumatic tension control, forward/reverse/jog functions, linear footage counter and adjustable infeed guide assemblies.

  • Two Cantilevered unwind supply shafts (optional air shafts available)
  • Release liner windup station
  • Finished product rewind station
  • Expandable core chucks - for thin walled cores
  • High release silicone rollers - for easy cleaning
  • AGL’s repeatable tension control system - helps avoid film distortion and necking
  • AGL’s “Easy Web” feed table
  • Variable Speed Control 0 to 30 fpm
  • Linear footage counter/digital speed readout

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