Shadow-Block Backing Films

About the Shadow-Block Backing Films

Our Unique backing film series is designed to do just that, "block shadows". Light can bleed through other films, allowing display hardware to show through.

Backing films are not optically clear, they are colored to obtain some level of opacity. Although in practice, many over-laminates are used every day on the back of images. Specialized backing films are designed with a focus on rigidity and lay-flat properties. These thick backing films are designed not to retain curl set from being rolled up for extended periods of time.

Shadow-Block C

Composite backing films that are 100% opaque, Shadow-Block C comes in a wide variety of thickness and provides 100% opacity. Designed primarily for pop-up displays, Shadow-Block C helps you eliminate curl set that can result from display panels that have been roll up for extended periods. With a sheet of aluminum sandwiched between multiple polyester film layers and an industrial thermal copolymer adhesive, Shadow-Block C is the optimum choice. With 3 different thicknesses for main panels and end caps, Shadow-Block C is a great option for price and performance when creating pop-up displays.

Product NameColorFilm ThicknessFilm TypeThickness Ratio
(film to adhesive)
Recommended TemperatureStandard Roll SizesTech Data Sheet
C5 White 5 mil Composite 3 / 2 170°-245°(F) 38"/43"/51" x 250' C5 Data
C10 White 10 mil Composite 7 / 3 170°-245°(F) 38"/43"/51" x 250' C10 Data

Shadow-Block P

A semi opaque polyester backing film. Shadow-Block P for those who want a white boarder when encapsulating a print or need just a little opaqueness. Shadow-Block P5 and P10 offer a great cost savings compared to our high-end Shadow-Block composite backing films listed above.

Product NameColorFilm ThicknessFilm TypeThickness Ratio
(film to adhesive)
Recommended TemperatureTech Data Sheet
P5 White 5 mil Polyester 3 / 2 170°-245°(F) P5 Data
P10 White 10 mil Polyester 7 / 3 170°-245°(F) P10 Data

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