AGL Encore Series

About the AGL Encore Series

AGL Encore Series are capable of mounting and laminating up to 62” wide with thermal, pressure sensitive and heat assist laminates. These units feature a pneumatically actuated nip roll assembly as well as a pneumatically actuated pull roll assembly for process repeatability and safety. Capable of running up to 20 ft per minute standard (30 fpm option available). 

The Encore series is available in 4 models:

  • Encore Maxim - Dual heated rollers, Bi-Directional unit, full of operator friendly options
  • Encore DHR - Dual heated rollers, Bi-Directional unit
  • Encore SH - Single heated roller (top), built for pressure sensitive films, one sided heat activated films, and mounting.
  • Encore NH - No heat, cold unit for pressure sensitive and mounting applications
  • Pneumatically actuated nip roll assembly and pull roll assembly for process repeatability and safety
  • Dial in nip roll shim assembly for mounting and laminating different sub-straight thickness’
  • Cantilevered unwind supply stations for ease of loading materials, RTS (Repeatable Tension System) available for material unwind stations to insure repeatable film tension settings and process control
  • Pneumatically controlled release liner windup and finished product rewind stations
  • 6” nominal diameter all steel roller design with high release non-crowned silicone roll covering

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