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The Most Versatile Laminator for the Entry Level Graphic Finishing Arena

This video [https://youtu.be/QmGAGDGl6yI] details the compadre wide format graphics laminator which AGL considers its entry level laminator for this industry. The Compadre is designed with features more commonly found in more expensive and heavy-duty flagship laminators. This laminator combines the speed and capacity to deliver maximum productivity, reliability and return on investment. One of the areas of concern in the UV/Latex finishing process is dealing with the problem known as silvering. With AGL’s proprietary pneumatically actuated nip roll design with the pressures it develops this laminator solves the problems associated with poor laminate adhesion and silvering.


It features a six-inch diameter by 66-inch roll face, steel, non-crowned rubber covered nip roll assembly concentrically ground and finished yielding less print distortion and wrinkling. The top nip roll features preset heat assist for warming up pressure sensitive over-laminates resulting in a perfectly smooth output. Other standard features include:

  • 2 Unwind supply shafts
  • 1 Release liner windup
  • 1 Rear product windup
  • Auto grip core chucks
  • Top heated nip roller to 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • High release silicone rollers - for easy cleaning
  • Operator feedback-controlled film tensioning system
  • Removable steel supply stations and rear product rewind
  • Swing up in-feed table with webbing diagrams
  • Variable Speed Control 0 to 20 fpm
  • Laminates up to 64-inch-wide films and medias
  • Emergency stop switches and safety tape switches
  • Rotary dial shim stops for preset nip roll gap adjustment - adjustable from -1/16 to 3/4 inch

High performance laminators from a name you have trusted for over 65 years. Equipment design for the wide format Digital Imaging Market, or for Custom Industrial Applications, we have a solution for you. For more information contact AGL at 1-800-276-2664.

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