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AGL 68 Industrial Laminator -Sheet Fed and Roll-to-Roll Foam Laminator

AGL is introducing the next innovative design for the industrial foam and gasket industry. This is a roll-to-roll laminator that can also utilize sheet fed laminating as well. The AGL 68 laminator combines the speed and capacity to deliver maximum productivity, reliability and return on investment. Utilizing a 68-inch roll face, this machine is capable of laminating up to 64-inch wide rolls of fabric to foam as well as foam to adhesive in both roll-to-roll as well as sheet laminating. The changeover from roll-to-roll to sheet fed operation is minimal and efficient. This is accomplished with the integration of in-feed and out-feed tables that are quickly rolled into place and connected to the laminator with a tramming block coupling system connecting the tables square and in-line to the lamination process.

AGL 68 Foam/Gasket Laminator front view

The top nip roll features preset heat-assist for warming up pressure sensitive over-laminates resulting in a perfectly smooth output. Other standard features include:

  • Pneumatic control for nip, unwind and rewind pressures for repeatable setup from job to job
  • Two laminating modes for sheet fed and roll-to-roll applications
  • Machine speeds of 3 – 50 fpm
  • Rugged 8-inch diameter nip roll with steel wall construction
  • Pneumatically controlled pull roll assembly equipped with silicone rubber coverings and shimming system
  • Motorized side-lay safety chucks on the product unwind with +/- 2.0 inches of side-lay
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Capable of utilizing 3.0- or 6.0-inch diameter cores at all stations
  • In-Line rotary output trimming knives
  • Linear footage counter
  • Four emergency palm stops and two-foot activated e-stops
  • Light curtain safety system
  • Static elimination system

AGL 68 Foam/Gasket Laminator rear view

High performance laminators from a name you have trusted for over 65 years. Equipment design for the wide format Digital Imaging Market, or for Custom Industrial Applications, we have a solution for you. For more information contact AGL at 1-800-276-2664.

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